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The Young Cristian Society [YCS] is an International Society focussed on developing and strengthening the spread of the word of God to the young, especially those in schools. It is made of a great number of Catholic youth all bent on inspiring the word in people’s hearts. YCS GATANGA GIRLSThe need to nurture spirituality in today’s youth is great, despite the social or economic background. It is with this in mind that the Gatanga girls communinity decided to include all its Christian students into the society, and not only the Catholic, as was previosly the case. All members of the school community therefore belong to this society and are welcome despite their religious affiliations. POLITICAL STRUCTUREThe society has a committed patron Sr. King’ori, through whom any guidance, help or support is very readily available for each student. The society also has a committee in place for smooth running of activities with annual elections, held to freshen ideas.


CU Secretary

Asha Nungari

ICT department


 Ict deparment is one of the departments that is quite interesting.The students are taught how to use the computer and learn …

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